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Kids' feet grow so quickly that purchasing increasingly larger shoes for them is inevitable till they finally reach adulthood. That's why purchasing footwear for kids may be quite frustrating - not only the spending that is constant, but also the knowledge parents need to possess to select right pair of shoes. Here are some suggestions how to prevent top 3 mistakes parents make in kids shoes.
Frugality Could Be More Expensive.

Some parents are tempted to buy ill-fitted shoes, purposefully. It is authentic because many thrifty parents still have misconception about purchasing shoes, though sounds astonishing. Some just dismiss the fact that shoes bought last years if not several months ago may be overly little and incur pain or blisters in kids' feet. More consider purchasing kids' shoes because children will not need new ones in the next couple of years, their money can be saved by a few sizes too large.

However, children might suffer from their parents' frugality. According to a survey conducted in the U.K, 90 percent of children wear ill-fitted shoes and their parents don't even see that. As we've discussed in a different article on kids shoes, while larger shoes for children might mean saving a little more money for parents' pockets, they may be hardly safe for youngsters. Just a little space between toes and shoes gives children feet room for breath and wiggling, but too much space could cause them trip and get hurt. So it's normally OK for some parents buy larger clothing for kids, but the same frugality should definitely not apply to shoe shopping.
Quantify Children Feet Often.

Deflect your kid when attempting new shoes when they're nervous or would not put their feet.

Remember, before 3 years old, children grow really fast and their feet grow half a size before or every, months. So, be sure measure their feet every month to see if their shoes still fit. Blisters or calluses indicate that they need a pair of new shoes.

Children' Shoes for Different Occasions.

Finally, another important factor of choosing a pair of well-fitted shoes is that they need to have different shoes for various functions. While Velcro makes it possible for kids to put on shoes by themselves, children that are extremely active and may keep hopping and running for hours had better wear sneakers with laces because they prevent shoes from falling off their feet easily.

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